ancient egypt trip

ancient egypt trip

What dishes are worth trying while on a trip to Egypt?

During a trip to Egypt, it is worth trying several characteristic dishes that are not only tasty, but also reflect the local culinary culture. It is definitely worth starting with the classic mezzes, i.e. various types of hummus, baba ganoush and pickled vegetables. Another must-have experience is kofta – spicy minced meat often served with rice or pita bread.


What is a trip to Ancient Egypt?


Ancient Egypt trip is a journey through time and space that opens up to participants the fascinating world of ancient civilizations. The main attractions of such a trip include visits to majestic pyramids, such as those in Giza, which have aroused admiration for millennia with their monumentality and mysterious construction. Travelers have the opportunity to get close to the pyramids, touch their ancient walls and try to guess how the ancient Egyptians managed to build these monumental structures so precisely. Another extraordinary point of the program are visits to ancient temples, such as Karnak or Luxor, where the architecture and sculpture of ancient Egypt come to life in the eyes of travelers. These temples, full of hieroglyphs and majestic statues, are a wonderful testimony to the religious and artistic achievements of the time.


What affects the cost of a trip to Egypt?


The cost of a trip to Egypt depends on many factors that can be divided into several key categories. First, the travel season is important. The high tourist season, which usually includes holiday periods and holidays, can significantly increase the prices of airline tickets and accommodation. On the other hand, traveling in the off-season may be cheaper, but be aware of potentially worse weather or other limiting factors. Another important element is transport costs. Airline ticket prices can vary significantly depending on the airline, route, and how early you book. Sometimes it is also worth considering connections with transfers, which may be cheaper than direct flights. Then you need to consider accommodation. Egypt offers a wide range of accommodation options, from simple hostels to luxury hotels and seaside resorts. Choosing the right type of accommodation can significantly affect the final cost of the trip.